A better day starts with taking back control of your night

We offer evidence-based improvement programs for people with sleeping problems through web and mobile solutions.
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Our apps

Sleep Better

Sleep Better (Sov Bättre) is a coach supported digital treatment program for people with diagnosed Insomnia. Over 700 patients has been treated by Sleep Better and the program is clinically validated and CE-marked. A clinical evaluation shows that 94 percent of treated patients gets better and improves their sleep quality with over 30 percent. Go to the Sleep Better homepage to read more (in swedish).

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Mindsum is a concept that prevent stress and sleep related problems among your employees. Through education and simple tools for the employee we create an awareness on how to detect and avoid stress problems. Go to the Mindsum homepage to read more (in swedish).

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We combine evidence-based treatment with the latest technology and connectivity. We use data from the most common sleep trackers on the market, analyze it & give recommendations on how to improve your sleep in a personalized program. The app is connected to your home and will track your bedroom temperature and let you dim your lights.

Evidence & Results

Our 5 week sleep program is based on years of research and experience to improve the efficiency of your sleep. Everything we do builds on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is a proven way of changing behaviors. 8 out of 10 people overcomes their sleeping problem with our CBT-based program according to studies made by health care actors in Sweden.


Through simple daily actions we help you train yourself to sleep better and have a healthier everyday life, without the need for prescription sleep-aids. We give you the knowledge, tools, and products to build and maintain the fundamental base for strong mental health; a good night’s sleep. All from the convenience of your smartphone.

Using the power of science...

Learning to Sleep helps people with sleeping problems get better sleep through clinically proven products distributed through mobile phones and web. We have over 4 years of research and studies behind us and has become the leading mobile health company in Sweden with ongoing collaborations with prominent health care actors.

Our products are state of the art, combining evidence-based treatment with the latest technology and connectivity. We use data from the most common sleep trackers on the market, analyze it and give recommendations on how to improve your sleep in a personalized program. All apps are connected to your home and will remind you to both open your window if the bedroom is to hot and dim your lights if needed.

The Team

We have a very diverse and experienced team that has done this before in an international context. The team members different backgrounds contributes to our flexibility regarding the future.

The Market

Sleep is today regarded as one of the biggest health problems in the world according to WHO, amongst others. Simultaneously the acceptance for digital treatment is growing rapidly and the health revolution has just started.

The Concept

Our concept is unique, combing mobile health with IoT, in order to get the best possible result for the user. And we know for a fact that 8 out of 10 gets improved sleep with our products.

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Meet the team

Peter Boye

Founder & VP

CBT-therapist, serial entrepreneur & pioneer within mobile health solutions.

Micael Gustafsson


Serial entrepreneur with experience from ICT media and telecom.

Michael Johanesson


Systems architect with experience from e-learning and mobile development.

Helena Kubicek Boye


CBT-psychologist and leading expert on sleep improvement programs in Sweden.

Bjarne Werner

App & Backend Developer

Several years of experience in graphic design and web development.

Roland Johansson

App Developer & Designer

Great eye for detail in graphic designs and several years of experience in front-end and web development.

Pontus Ohlsson

App Developer & Designer

Skilled App Developer & Designer with a B.S. in Business Administration.

Stina Gunnarsson

Project Manager

A background in psychology and several years of experience in project management.

Oscar Blide

Motion Graphic Artist

Years of experience working in the start-up world doing graphic animations and designs.

Petronella Gustafsson

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Driven entrepreneur and blogger.

Hossein Lavi

Art Director

Focusing on creating sustainable constellations
for brands

Josefine Hjertström

Concept Developer

Specialize on building new business models that integrates companies into the global ecosystem.

Emilio Bernard

Graphic Designer

Brilliant designer with background in packaging and high professional integrety

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Stina Gunnarsson

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